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#241865 - 09/05/08 10:24 AM Re: Pa2XPro Demo
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Originally posted by kbrkr:
Ian, In the 6-7 years I owned a Tyros, not once did the Intro's vary based on the mode of the chord that triggered it.

I hope we are talking about the same thing; A major chord triggers a variant of the Intro 1 that is a different arrangement than the same Intro triggered with a minor chord.

Can someone verify that the Tyros 1 and 2 do this?

It doesn't work exactly the same way as the PA. On the Tyros you can use up to 16 tracks per variation(intro,main,fills,..) and have each track being playback on certain chords. There are a couple of style on the T2 that have a few different bass or guitar tracks depending on the chord you play.
On the PA you can have 2 totally different arrangements for all parts and up to 6 for the main variations. They can also have a different length.

#241866 - 09/05/08 11:21 AM Re: Pa2XPro Demo
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Originally posted by abacus:
As I mentioned earlier, if you think the demos are good, wait till you hear it live, your chin will be on the floor.


What happens if you think an arranger's demos suck?

Camcorder demos definitely compromise the audio to the point of little use, at least for objectively listening to the sound quality. But you'll usually find most manufacturer audio demos to be MUCH closer to the final sound, allowing for a close impression, at least...

I have heard Roland, Yamaha and Korg arrangers in person, and spent much time listening to their demos. Yes, there is a slight improvement 'live', but it is nowhere NEAR enough to rescue a very bad demo to the point of 'jaw-dropingly' good.

Admittedly, I listen to all the demos (and my own G70) through a pair of Mackie HR824's, so at least they are not being further compromised by hearing them through some crappy computer speakers... That's something you need to take into account. But the factory audio demos come VERY close to the actual live sound of my G70.

#241867 - 09/05/08 12:17 PM Re: Pa2XPro Demo
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1. The online demos do not come close to hearing the Korg live.

2. I have never heard an online demo from any manufacture that sounds close to actually listening to it live. (G70 included)

3. I always use my audio system for serious listening, with the computer speakers used just for the computer.

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#241868 - 09/05/08 12:56 PM Re: Pa2XPro Demo
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Originally posted by kbrkr:
I'm seeing the same issue with the lack of styles that most people have?

Al it doesn't take long to come to that conclusion good luck with your conversions

#241869 - 09/05/08 08:42 PM Re: Pa2XPro Demo
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Thanks Guys for the clarification.

I am very happy with the PA2xpro!! Hopefully the Style issue will be solved soon?? I am a Style "Junkie"!!

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