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#239258 - 08/02/08 07:53 PM Dreamer needs our help !!!
rphillipchuk Offline

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have not known Andrea ( Dreamer ) for a long time but in the short time that some of us have got to know "Andrea", he does come across as a very humble man who is not out for accolades or praise...He has been really quiet here at CSS lately so I sent him an email out of concern...Here is his response.

"Hi Ron,
thank you for your concern and also your kind letter.
I am having indeed some health issues and in fact have spent the whole month of July in hospital; I hope to solve these problems, but to do this I have to undergo a complex surgical intervention, that should (hopefully) take place within the end of this year.
In the meanwhile, I will try to take part to the Forum activities as far as I can.
Once again, thank you for your letter, that really means a lot to me.

Your friend,
Andrea "

I think that our good friend, "Andrea", could use some support and and good will from all of us.


#239259 - 08/02/08 08:28 PM Re: Dreamer needs our help !!!
rikkisbears Offline
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Hi Ron,
thank you for the info.
So sorry to hear Dreamer is not well.
I wish him all the best.

best wishes


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best wishes
Rikki 🧸

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#239260 - 08/02/08 09:20 PM Re: Dreamer needs our help !!!
tony mads usa Offline
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Ron, thank you SO much for bringing this to our attention ...
I had the honor and privilege of meeting Andrea when Lydia and I went to Italy in 2006 ... He graciously took us, and my sister in law and brother in law around Rome at night, saying "If you haven't seen Rome at night, then you haven't seen Rome' ...
He is a true gentle-man in EVERY sense of the word ...
Our prayers will be with him, daily ...

t. cool

#239261 - 08/02/08 09:22 PM Re: Dreamer needs our help !!!
keybplayer Offline
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I'm sorry to hear that about Andrea. He has posted recently here at SZ and I'm glad he is able to participate here when he can.

God speed Andrea! I hope your upcoming surgery is successful and in the mean time we'll keep you in our thoughts and prayers.

I hope you get to feeling better real soon. Stay strong and keep us informed and updated if you can.

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#239262 - 08/02/08 09:32 PM Re: Dreamer needs our help !!!
btweengigs Offline
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Although we have never communicated personally, I have always read your posts with great interest and have the greatest admiration for you. You have been an instrumental part of this forum for many years and we all hope and wish the best for you.

#239263 - 08/03/08 04:23 AM Re: Dreamer needs our help !!!
Stephenm52 Offline
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Ron, yes thanks for posting.

Andrea, I wish you the best, sorry to hear news of your medical problem. Thank you for your support late last year and earlier this year during my pre an post surgery for prostrate cancer. My prayers are with you.

#239264 - 08/03/08 07:09 AM Re: Dreamer needs our help !!!
zuki Offline
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Andrea, I wish you the very best in defeating the health issues you're battling.


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#239265 - 08/03/08 09:29 AM Re: Dreamer needs our help !!!
Diki Offline

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All the best, Dreamer...
An arranger is just a tool. What matters is what you build with it..!

#239266 - 08/03/08 09:40 AM Re: Dreamer needs our help !!!
ChicoBrasil Offline

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Tenho plena convicção e fé em Deus que você vai superar os obstáculos e se recuperar


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#239267 - 08/03/08 09:42 AM Re: Dreamer needs our help !!!
ianmcnll Offline
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I hope you get your health issues in thoughts are with you.

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