Dear friends,
thank you for your words, that really mean a lot to me.
First of all, let me say that when I replied to Ron's private message I had no idea that he would disclose my reply here and on Create Song Styles as well; anyway, I know that he is a man of good heart and was animated by the best intentions, doing so.
My philosophy is indeed rather simple: each one has a burden to carry in life, small or large, sooner or later, and to complain is useless and futile. The best thing we can do is to sum up our forces and go on till everything is over, but maybe I am wrong and have something to learn on this subject.

I have been really touched by the words that some of you have written in this thread and it's true that real friends show up in times of need, and a word that comes from the heart can really do wonders and warm up the person to whom was addressed.

To end this post on a light note, the good thing about my condition is that I have stopped working since the month of May and this means that I have more time to play music, but the problem is the lack of inspiration I seem to experience most of the time.
Anyway, thank you again for your words; I will keep reading the Forum and also try to take part to its activities, even if right now my priorities have changed quite a bit.
God bless you all


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