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#239255 - 08/03/08 05:55 PM Re: hijacking threads
kla4 Offline

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Please relax guys! It's just a matter of lack of respect when members hijack threads. Only a very few of us feel the need to join EVERY thread, post loooong messages without telling anything, transform threads to a different one ..... just because?! (of their EGO?)

Diki's latest reply appears to come from a 12 year old spoiled child, not able to write error-free German.
Please behave next time, or I'll tell N !!

I used to think this forum (community) was 'ours', members behave, members show respect, members try to help where they can, members share knowledge and experiences, one BIG family.

#239256 - 08/03/08 05:57 PM Re: hijacking threads
Diki Offline

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Originally posted by miden:
Actually MIDI capabilites have increasd beyond measure. Not just GM2 either.

Which makes these sorts of combinations even more possible today.

And if you get your head around sysex you can do anything on the modern synth.

Although Yamaha do tend to use a lot of CC data instead, which does make it easier to program.

As you would already know Nick, you can still do pretty much anything as they have developed their own CC commands for the many unused CC slots.

Nick, I reckon the PA2 and the Motif ES make a great combo.. The Motif XS and the S900 would be AWESOME!!! Go for it.

I use the PA2xpro with a Motif ES Rack. You can specify any or all of the arranger parts to be transmitted. It is the same on the Tyros, so I imagine it would be the same on the S900.


Ah.... so I mention the G70, and it's hijacking. You mention the PA2X Pro, and it's 'on topic'. You can't even follow your own bullsh*t, can you?
An arranger is just a tool. What matters is what you build with it..!

#239257 - 08/03/08 11:14 PM Re: hijacking threads
Jørgen Sørensen Offline

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Hi Diki

Originally posted by Diki:
Possibly I'm not as erudite as you, but when someone posts something about a particular feature on a GENERAL FORUM (jeez, how many times I got to point that out? ), I would like to hear how this particular problem is addressed by ALL the different arrangers. Perhaps it is a subject that is important enough to me that, if my particular arranger can't achieve what I want, I MIGHT like to know how others handle it.

We are all free to write whatever we like!

The idea of having more than one thread in this forum is to keep the discussion structured. This helps - at least may of us - find relevant information without having to search through all threads. This is my only reason for initiating this debate.

Really sad to see you get so upset; and use that bad language.

PS: I have often read excellent postings from you even if the were IMO "misplaced".

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