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#207344 - 08/12/06 04:40 PM Tweaking Keyboards ==== Tyros & G70
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I have just finish reading Scotts Post

"Admittedly, out of the box Tyros2 (and Yamaha arrangers in general) lacks the 'in your face' sound you may be more accustomed to, but once you tweak the Tyros2's overall EQ/Compressor settings, raise the style's drum track and style part volume levels a bit and increase efx levels (reverb, chorus, dsp), I think you'll discover that Tyros2 delivers the kind of 'in your face' sound you're seeking.

For added punch, I set my Tyros2 Compressor Setting Type to: Full Bit, with Threshold Offset to: +10, and Gain offset Low: -2, Mid: -2, and High: -5.

Scott "

Now this statement is food for thought !!!!
I have read the comparisons ( heated Discussions ) between The Tyros and the G70 and how the Tyros is almost CD like and the G70 is in your face styling.
Through Diki's fine written explanation about the G70's tweaking power of sounds and Styles to make it your own unique sound and Board. I must say that it was a well written piece that I thoroughly enjoyed reading. Now to my question !
The same work and effort put forth to adjust the overal sounds on the G70 , the same logic can be applied to the Tyros ? Can the so called described cd like sounds and styles of the Tyros be brought up to the same qualities of the " in your face " styles of the G70 ?
I hope that I am asking this right.


#207345 - 08/12/06 10:38 PM Re: Tweaking Keyboards ==== Tyros & G70
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Hi Ron,

I seriously doubt a Tyros2 can ever be adjusted to sound exactly like a G70 (or vice versa), but I believe I've been able to tweak the Tyros2 to deliver a more in your face punchy sound that the G70 & Ketron keyboards are known for. Please read the following POSTING THREAD


#207346 - 08/12/06 11:56 PM Re: Tweaking Keyboards ==== Tyros & G70
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In adding to what Scott has said,

Dont ever judge the T2 by listening to the TRS MS02 speakers.

I have tweaked the settings quite extensively now using what Scott has recomended. It does make a huge difference to OOTB sound, but they still dont give anywhere near as good clarity and mid range presence than my cheap 5.1 logitech X530 setup.

All I have had to do is change the standard EQ settings to give better high range adding sharpness to the sound. It has enough punch and mid range already usig these speakers.

obviosuly they are useless for gigging as you have to carry 5 speakers around and the sub, and you have wires everywhere, but for your studio or "my bedroom" they are awesome!

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#207347 - 08/13/06 04:43 AM Re: Tweaking Keyboards ==== Tyros & G70
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I wouldn't say the G70 styles are in your face, as with any arranger some stand out more and some others are more for background music. You can make any of the T2 styles sound more up front or even lower in the mix. Just change the sounds used, drum kits, reverb, EQ, Compressor you name it and save to a registration and it's that simple.

#207348 - 08/13/06 06:20 AM Re: Tweaking Keyboards ==== Tyros & G70
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The quintessential "in your face" styles belong to the Ketron SD1; this is due partly to a frequency response with a boost on the mid-frequencies (which is also responsible for a "nasal" coloration of the overall sound) and partly to the use of sampled loops (grooves) on the second drum channel. A similar sound is also found in other Ketron models, like the Midjay, the SD5, the XD9 and the old X1.
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