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#1943 - 06/20/02 11:02 PM Re: What should I get?
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The old adage - Garbage IN, garbage OUT.
My recordings are dead quiet.
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#1944 - 06/21/02 02:25 AM Re: What should I get?
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Minor technical note, there is noise intentionally introduced in digital recording, it is called dither.

However it is not the type of noise your all talking about.
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#1945 - 06/21/02 05:32 AM Re: What should I get?
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I still think the minidisk idea is a good one for the following reasons:
1) For 129 sony sells one that has usb built in.
2) With 1 AA battery ...plays 55 hours!
3) Records in digital!
4) 32 x speed if you download mp3's into you can use it as mp3 player.
5) Since you only have psr540 at this point, makes sense to me, rather than 450 cdrw external!
6) you can than store your music on minidisk until someone lets you use their computer that has a cdrw in it! Then ask them to show you how to make a cd! Really simple!
7) ONce you buy pc ... most have cdrw in it... so then you are set!

I think the external professional cdrw and mixer is for Bands! Not for a solo with just a psr540! IMO

P.s I got a SONY home deck minidisk and a SHARP minidisk portable recorder/player... I bought them a couple of years ago with new tech level ...figure the news ones are even better! Good LUCK! Just do a SEARCH on the web for Minidisk Recorders/Players ! Maybe go to BEST BUY and see what they got... I think you have 14 days to check it out ... to see if it works for you! If not Return it!

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#1946 - 06/21/02 09:51 AM Re: What should I get?
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I have no noise too. a "buzz" sounds more like a connection problem. "Hissing" would come from a multimedia card.

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#1947 - 06/21/02 11:01 AM Re: What should I get?
alext1018 Offline

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ok thanks everyone.

I think I'll go with rtgaa. One, because I can't find a cheap computer and because I don't want to use a computer (but I will if I need to if its better).

thanks again.
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#1948 - 06/30/02 09:16 AM Re: What should I get?
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Best Buy
Samsung 32x10x40internal CDRW $29.99...110 pack CDR disks $2.99/250 MB Iomega Zip $99.99...3pac 100MB disk $31.99

24x10x40 internal cd-rw Hi-VAL (I installed a HiVal for a neighbor and it was actually an AOpen in the box that retailed for $129).How much? FREE!!!! Ok...not exactly have to buy a 100 pack CDR spindle for $39.99

Circuit City

50 pack CDR...FREE!

Why would anyone even consider Zip Drives?

#1949 - 07/15/02 04:32 AM Re: What should I get?

What should you get? You mean you want to buy more equipment that has short obselesence periods?
What you should get is a contract with me.

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