eks: Comb D003 (formand & lead) uses the arpeggiator A/B. Timbre 4 is set to midi ch.02 and timbre 5,6 and 7 to midi ch.03. Because of the use of midi channels I can freely play with a sound on all 61 keys. But how do I a simular Comb/preset my self?????
Iīve tryed to copy everything from Comb D003 to another Comb ( I havīnt used the "write combination" because then there wouldīnt be a problem) the idea is that I shuold be able to do it my self. But when I finally gets to changing the midi channels I canīt start the arpeggiator anymore, why is that?????
Is it because I have to do it in a specific order or way??????????

michael (Denmark) vitten1@hotmail.com