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#162932 - 06/20/00 11:28 AM VA-7 vs Solton X1 and Casio MZ-2000 !!!
Ilija Petkovski Offline

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Dear friends!

Congratulations on your new Variphrase forum, but hoping you all will still keep on visit this site.

Let me first start with the new Casio MZ-2000. I played it today in Holland and it has one of the best organs ever heard. The machine can be explained very fast: for the money (only the half of the other arrangers) it offer very much functions. Really, for the money you should buy it. Of course the rest is better, but solely speaking about the money, the Casio is the one.

But the reason I played the Casio, was because the store had a Solton X1 !! So finally I could try this animal! I played on it for several hours. Right next to it was a Roland VA-7. The Solton X1 is almost 2 years old!! And I am able to make a lot of Solton users happy, cause the Solton Styles are much much much much better in every way. I mean the Roland has got super drums, but so does the Solton! But the striking difference is that the only special thing of the Roland is the drums. The thing about the Solton is the whole idea! Everything is more perfect than it can be. I would definitely recommend the Solton for the styles! It has 192 styles, 192 user programs and 99 own creatable styles ON BOARD! We are not even talking about the gigantic hard disk! 999 different folders and much more.
And the thing that is important: Solton kicks ass in LIVE performance because of 3 FILL INN's and 4 VARIATIONS and 3 INTRO/ENDINGS easy accessible. Really those FILL in DO make a lot of difference.

Soton is the one for me (besides the beautiful Korg i30).

It only costs $3500,- !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Ilija Petkovski

#162933 - 06/20/00 12:36 PM Re: VA-7 vs Solton X1 and Casio MZ-2000 !!!
Roel Offline

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Hi grote Dutch friend !

YESSSSS you do make me happy because you 'listened' to my advise.... (PS message)

The was a BIGGG smile on my face while reading your message writing your enthousiasme about this great machine.

So no visit to Coevorden was needed to get close to an X1....... great !

Yeah the X1 sure is a party-beast in many many ways and people go 'uit het dak' ha !

kind regards,



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