I just played a gig with the Tyros 2 and the Logitech z5500 in a room that seats 100. About 30 people present. I was leading a group singing session. I was on a stage that placed me 1 foot higher than the audience. As suggested by others, I had the T2 volume at 12 o'clock. The volume on the z5500 was at about 80%. I had two front speakers mounted on the keyboard facing the audience. I had the sub-woofer next to me with the center-channel on the sub-woofer. I had the two rear speakers mounted on seperate mic stands, at my ear height, about 4 feet behind me. I was using the PL-II music setting on the z5500 to use all 5.1 speakers.

When I used this same setup in the past at higher volumes (100% or greater aka powerboost) it worked fine. My problem this evening was the volume was fine for the audience, however I had problems hearing myself. Most of the sound I heard was from the front speakers that were facing away from me. I heard very little, if anything, from the rear speakers. The result was a delay to my ears of what was being played so I found myself at times out of sync with the tempo on the T2. Pretty frustrating. It was like I was playing and singing one thing and the T2 drums and comping was doing something else. I thought I would not have this problem with some of the speakers behind me and I have not had these problems with the z5500 at higher volumes. However, tonight it was problematic. After the job I did check to make sure that all speakers were working properly and they were.

Has anyone else had a similar problem in a live performance? Is there a good way to adjust balance between front and rear? I know the z5500 has a surround delay setting for syncing the sound between front and back. Do I need to play with these setting as well? I was thinking about experiment with the front speakers facing me, and the rear facing the audience.

Any comments, thoughts, tips, suggestions appreciated.