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#15256 - 07/25/06 01:48 PM I'm Gutted !!!!!!!! and lost for words !!!!!!
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Hi Folks , Guess What !!
After reading the informatin from Don ,Dave and Mainer I went and switched my XP module on (no prizes for guessing correctly)
The LCD screen stated system restore , loading from HD to RAM .
All the complex midi setup for the concerto !!which took the local shop manager "Dave Sadler" approx 2-3 hours to set up plus pedal settings and the only style memory that I had saved are all lost as they have not been stored correctly !!
I'm unbelievable frustrated by this situation i could scream!!! out loud !!!!!
I left the Xp for 2 weeks to go on holiday I came back and all was ok .
As I said I have not played the XP for approx 3 weeks and now all is lost so it's back to the beginning again !!!
Thanks don and Dave for the tips on the correct procedure !!
I'll have to get Dave Sadler to come and set it all up once more and make sure that it is saved correctly !! and stays saved this time !!!
Looking on the bright side, at least it was not on a strictly dancing club gig !! as it would have been a disaster for me !!!

Dave how do I create a back up of the settings and memory style and sound banks to a floppy disk or CD in case of an emergency !!!!


#15257 - 07/25/06 07:00 PM Re: I'm Gutted !!!!!!!! and lost for words !!!!!!

Hi Giovanni,

I'm sorry to hear about that.

Saving everything that is in RAM to the hard drive is very simple:

1. Press the Disk button and select RAM from the right side of the display.
2. Make sure that RAMFILE is highlighted in the left column
3. Select SAVE form the upper right side of the display and press Enter
4. Select New Folder from the lower left of the display
5. Name the new folder (If you want the content of this folder to load automatically if the battery has been depleted, name the file AUTOLOAD) and press Enter.
6. You will see the newly created and named folder appear in the folder list and it will be highlighted. Press Enter to save the RAM contents to this folder.

Thatís it. It will take all of about 30 seconds and your data will be safely on the hard drive. If you want the added assurance of having a back-up copy on CD, press the Make CD button, select Data CD, press Enter and located the folder containing your data. Press ADD to place the folder in the CD Layout and then press Create CD and Enter twice. Wait for the CD tray to open and close and then you can remove the CD and keep it in a safe place.

Best Regards,


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#15258 - 07/26/06 05:24 AM Re: I'm Gutted !!!!!!!! and lost for words !!!!!!
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It may be possible to have your set up done over the phone with your tech. He has already figured out the hard stuff so you may get lucky and have it done qucikly.

Good Luck



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