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#14244 - 02/08/02 08:36 PM ZR-76 how to burn to cd HELP PLEASE............

Hi and thanks,
Sorry for the dumb question but finding info for the ZR-76 is getting hard.I am brand new to this synth scene and have purchased a ENSONIQ ZR-76.... playing around and learning it i have saved some of the tunes i made onto floppy... how do i get my pc to recognize this floppy and file so i can burn what i have done to CD. It does not seem to save the file as a .wav or recognizable file. Please offer any help you can and thanks in advance.

#14245 - 02/09/02 10:43 AM Re: ZR-76 how to burn to cd HELP PLEASE............
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I'm just getting a ZR76 used in a few days. Haven't had my hands on it yet. But you can get all the old Ensoniq and EMU manuals at

With regard to CD burning, however, this is mainly a sequencing software and soundcard matter - its not particular to your synth. You need a sequencing program like Cakewalk (or even a cheapie like PowerTracks for 29 bucks, which is what I mostly use, from that can convert MIDI files to wav files or whatever your CD burner requires. Both of these software programs can do that. Then, with the right soundcard, both software program manuals (Cakewalk, PowerTracks, and many others) will walk you through burning them to your CD. I havent done much actual CD burning myself..but its not your synth that is the issue - its your sequencing software and soundcard capabilities. Do you use a software sequencer now? Does the manual have a section on converting MIDI files to audio and burning them to CD?

When you make MIDI files youre just recording a string of 0's and 1's numeric data commands, no actual sounds, to your computers hard disk. When you convert to audio files your hard disk will capture the actual complex wave-forms of all the sounds played by your ZR76 and this will use up a lot more hard disk space. Do you have at LEAST a 20g hard drive with lots of space available ? Then..from edit for sound quality (you can no longer edit in and out notes and all that cool MIDI stuff) with your sequencer software program and then go through your computers soundcard to the CD burner to make a CD.

#14246 - 11/03/02 03:10 PM Re: ZR-76 how to burn to cd HELP PLEASE............

To burn CD from Your Ensoniq The best Idea would be to play your song on the machine and record it (using audio output) on your computer. I use soundforge to record it.
After you've recorded WAV-file you can burn CD using Nero or some other software.
If you gonna use ANY kind of converter MIDItoWAV it's gonna sounf like garbage!


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