HI ALL Synthzone Members.
I have just emailed through pay pal my annual contribution to help support the Synthzone that Nigel and Kerry pay for out of their own budget.
We started last year sending them contributions through Pay Pal as well as sending them the balance of the treasury left after the West Coast Synthzone Jam.
This enables them to continue this great service for all of us with out straining their household budget.
I hope you will join me by throwing a couple bucks in the pay pal pot, of if you need a snail mail address, I think Nigel will give it to you. Just click on CONTACT US at the bottom of this website.
The Pay Pal logo is on this page also and you can just click on that and use your credit card or what ever you have set up.
Best to all and THANK YOU NIGEL AND KERRY for another great year on THE SYNTHZONE.