Now please feel free to tell me to be quiet if I am covering old ground but as a new SD1 player Iím so impressed with this feature I thought I would post it here for anyone that is interested.

As you may know the left hand of an 120 bass accordion has six rows. Two bass rows and four of chords. The chords work in order of Majors, minors, 7ths and Diminished. Thus for us players it is impossible to get clever left hand chords. I recently worked out a chord combination that consistently gave minor 7's. With the aid of my SD1 accordions section I can now get Aug 5ths (5+ís) 6ths and Maj 7ths. Anyone wishing to know how should e-mail me and I will explain. I also have a X4 here at the moment and it works on that as well and thus probably all the Ketron range.

John Romero.