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#122631 - 08/30/06 04:30 PM Re: This thread is for bashing
cassp Offline
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I hate it that
i can't tell the difference between models of the same manufacturer with different names, like E60, E09, EM, EXR (Roland) and Yammy stuff too with PSRs and Clavinova, and P and CP. I need a da** road map for all this stuff.

Great idea, Fran!!!
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#122632 - 08/30/06 04:38 PM Re: This thread is for bashing
shiral Offline

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Wow!! What a Thread!! Thanks!

I hate...

* manufactures shipping half cooked products and letting people wonder how well their promised features would work before buying.

* keyboards not shipping with computer based GUI to its operating system making the user push 100s of buttons even when it's not necessary (e.g. when using for recording or when configuring)

* not having a standard style file format that would only require revoicing (of course when you port from 2 fill-in keyboard to a 4 fill-in keyboard last two fill-ins will be empty. In the other direction they would be ignored) when switching keyboards. (Can even store the choice of voicing for different models if there are meta data to specify the brand and model.)

* technical support reps insinuating we don't know anything about MIDI with comments such as 'MIDI file itself doesn't contains sound' or 'your sustain pedal itself doesn't produce the sustain'.

* charging $200 for a 8MB flash card (Korg FMC-8MB). What is it made of?

* discriminating against non PC users. (e.g. KORG PA80 style converter)

* over-glorified advertising (I like Yamaha people and their keyboards, but their advertising .....)


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#122633 - 08/30/06 07:53 PM Re: This thread is for bashing
Diki Offline

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I hate that Yamaha doesn't make a rack module with SA sounds and sampling....

I hate how slow samplers load (USB 1 - how quaint!)....

I hate how manufacturer's new features are never ones we actually ASK for....

I hate how you can never talk to the actual arranger developers - just some PR flack.....

I hate how manufacturers think that a $4k keyboard needs a HD recorder that a $800 laptop can do better (16-bit, how quaint!).....

I hate how arranger manufacturers think we don't need/want as detailed voice editing and controller capabilities as their workstations....

I hate how you can't edit the WIDTH of a stereo sample....

I hate how Roland hardly EVER post demos of arranger play - it's always an SMF.....

I hate paying $4k for an arranger with half the editing capabilities of a $2k workstation......

I hate how George Bush turned FEMA over to his political cronies and they ended up ruining my favorite US city (oops, wrong forum!).........
An arranger is just a tool. What matters is what you build with it..!

#122634 - 09/01/06 01:02 AM Re: This thread is for bashing
Nick G Offline
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top post!

I hate how technics stopped producing keyboards too! Long Live the KN6500 !!!

I hate how people on this forum spend more time bagging eachother than posting music and sharing opinions and thoughts!

I hate how Tyros 2 does NOT come with a HDD for its new feature the hard disk recorder!!

Why cant they make a board that has all the capablilites of a synth AND an arranger in one?

I want PIANO ROLL Editing on the tyros like the technics KN series!

I wish more ppl in this forum lived in Australia! LOL


Roland G70 / Roland BK9 / Roland GW-8L / Roland Fantom O6 / Yamaha Motif XS / Technics KN6500

#122635 - 09/01/06 03:34 AM Re: This thread is for bashing
bruno123 Offline
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I want PIANO ROLL Editing on the tyros like the technics KN series!

Nick, PIANO ROLL editing on the KN keyboard is not one of their features.Sorry

John C.

#122636 - 09/01/06 03:44 AM Re: This thread is for bashing
spalding4 Offline

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Ok I'll bite......

I hate arrangers that have "sequencers" on them that are little more than recorders. I hate arrangers that are sold as complete but actually are still work in progress like the G70.

I hate the over emphasis of key feel as oposed to instrument sound !

I hate the weight of the PAX1 and its cumbersome operating system!

I hate the fact that Ketron SD5 comes with atonishing sounds and new features like the riff function but then takes away basic functions like a sequencer ?? What the hell is that about ????

I hate the fact that the Casio MZ2000 has ceased production (cause from what i have heard it was truly ahead of its time and in a price range to suit everyone.

I hate the fact that if i want to buy a decent arranger i have to be prepared to take out a mortgage to afford one (hence my next upgrade is likely to be 10 years from now !)

But the thing i hate the most has nothing to do with the instruments.

I hate the apparent loss of cameraderie that used to exist on the Zone and I long for the good days to come back before we destroy this sanctaury for enthusiastic and experimenting amateur and pro musicians....

#122637 - 09/01/06 10:27 AM Re: This thread is for bashing
Fran Carango Offline
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I hate that I agree with nearly every comment on this thread ...Thanks guys for making a civil thread work even about controversial subjects..This proves to me that we can be as one here on SZ..

Roel, I hope you changed your opinion of the concept of this post..
I would like to hear your negative view of instruments..

#122638 - 09/01/06 10:33 AM Re: This thread is for bashing
tony mads usa Offline
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Originally posted by bruno123:
I want PIANO ROLL Editing on the tyros like the technics KN series!

Nick, PIANO ROLL editing on the KN keyboard is not one of their features.Sorry

John C.

thnx... I thought I was missing something.......
t. cool

#122639 - 09/01/06 10:41 AM Re: This thread is for bashing
chony Offline
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I want to bash Yamaha for wasting so much space on the Tyros and forcing me to pay oversize each time I fly.

#122640 - 09/01/06 05:50 PM Re: This thread is for bashing
rattley Offline

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Great Post!!!

I hate Yamaha for their lack of support (EVER) and lame promotions of XGworks.

I hate Yamaha for once again hyping IDC styles when Tyros2 came out, promising that they kept the stylemakers on their payroll to continue releasing more.................I think I've seen 2 in the past 8 months!!

The rest I love...........................

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