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#117651 - 12/14/06 06:41 AM Something interesting Yamaha PSR 3000
Stephenm52 Offline
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I recently recorded a number of tunes I play on the PSR3000 to put on a CD to give to family and friends. The CD is made up of mostly latin and big band tunes.

Here's the interesting thing, when I look at the styles I used on the 13 tunes, only 6 were Yammie styles, the other 7 were style conversions from the SD1, G70, PaxPro and Wersi-USA styles. Although I like the 3000 very much I'm finding the so called " in your face styles" just aren't as in your face as I would like them. Generally while playing live I find myself moving toward converted styles from other brands of keyboards vs. the 3000. Anyone else find that happening? Seems I may have a case for another brand and with all the new product releases could be a tough decision.

#117652 - 12/14/06 07:01 AM Re: Something interesting Yamaha PSR 3000
SemiLiveMusic Offline
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My only counter to that is that you might find the same situation no matter what keyboard you have. For me to do an album, I had to go through hundreds of styles IN THE GENRE. One brand just does not offer enough styles.

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#117653 - 12/14/06 07:13 AM Re: Something interesting Yamaha PSR 3000
zuki Offline
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Have done the same. The only songs I've ever written to CD were done on Yamaha arrangers - and more often with a Roland style - worked out great. Just have to find that style that doesn't need tweaking (at least for me).

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#117654 - 12/14/06 08:30 AM Re: Something interesting Yamaha PSR 3000
Diki Offline
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It would be interesting to make short MIDI files of the Yamaha style and the converted style to see what, exactly, is making one more 'in your face' than the other.......

If you take a look at each in a good sequencer, and try to look at the maximum velocity and minimum velocity of a track, that should give you an idea about the track's overall dynamics, as well as looking at each drums min/max values to see what it is that makes for the 'live' sound.

Once you figure out where the vibe is coming from, it should not be too hard to go into the Yamaha styles and adjust them to match the 'live' converted styles......

#117655 - 12/14/06 11:00 AM Re: Something interesting Yamaha PSR 3000
J. Larry Offline

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Doesn't the amount of reverb used and other processing on the parts affect the perception of liveness?

#117656 - 12/14/06 12:24 PM Re: Something interesting Yamaha PSR 3000
rikkisbears Offline
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Hi Stephen,
I noticed a while back that my SD1+ styles for instance, are recorded at a far higher velocity than my older psr styles. Maybe that could give a style more presence on playback??

I quite often use a list edit function in either OMB or EMC ( with the plus package) to check notes velocties etc & do minor editing.

Doing an overall velocity boost by a small percentage, doesn't appear to affect the tracks too greatly.
best wishes
[QUOTE]Originally posted by Stephenm52:
best wishes

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#117657 - 12/14/06 02:20 PM Re: Something interesting Yamaha PSR 3000
Uncle Dave Offline
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Wow. In all the discussions here on the zone, I don't ever recall anyone saying that Yamaha styles were "in your face". That's what people always liked about Ketron and Korg. I play the psr3k, and I use it because the styles are dependable and universal. They lack some pizzzazzz, but they work SO well for so many styles of music. I've never had an AMAZING drummer, so I'm right at home.
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#117658 - 12/14/06 04:37 PM Re: Something interesting Yamaha PSR 3000
Eric, B Offline
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Actually, since I have the T2 I use less and less external styles, unless they are specifically made for the T2.

When I had the 9000Pro I did the same as you, since the internal styles weren't as good.

Since the T2 it is a different ballgame.
When I use external styles they just don't hold up to the Mega Voices and SA voices.

One of the main things to get a more in your face kinda sound is to turn down ALL the reverb/hall and echo stuff.
It will drown the sound and make it appear to be further away.

If you go to a bar or club, you will notice that the drummer and bass player run their sound completely dry. The guitar player might have a little reverb, but that's it.
Listen to recordings. They are mostly dry.

The first thing I do with the Yammies is to set the global settings to Stage4.
This gives it a nice dry sound with just the right amound of reverb.
The same for the voice.
A lot of OMB singers use waaay to much reverb. It drowns the voice and of course some mistakes..

Again listen to a CD and you'll see.
Increase the volume on the drums and bass and increase the bass level on the drums and you can make any KB sound more live and in you face.
I never had anyone complain that my Yammies didn't have enough kick..

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#117659 - 12/14/06 07:11 PM Re: Something interesting Yamaha PSR 3000
travlin'easy Offline
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I sincerely believe the reason you like those converted styles so much is that in the process of conversion those styles were tuned to perfection for the 3000. They rarely sound as good on the orriginal keyboard, and some folks have told me the conversions sounded so much better than the orriginal board that they wondered if they were ever the same file.

If you want "In Your Face" styles, it's just a matter of tuning the keyboard, and or the style to sound the way you like it.

Good Luck,


Travlin' Easy
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#117660 - 12/14/06 08:08 PM Re: Something interesting Yamaha PSR 3000
Scott Langholff Offline
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Originally posted by Eric, B:

The first thing I do with the Yammies is to set the global settings to Stage4.
This gives it a nice dry sound with just the right amound of reverb.
The same for the voice.


Hi Eric

I don't have my Tyros 2 set up right now, but I am trying to think where you are refering to any global settings for reverb or level. I don't know if I recall seeing Stage 4 anyplace either.

Where are these global settings and for what parameters? A while back we had a discussion about this wishing that there was someplace where we could do global settings for reverb and part levels etc across the board, if there turns out to be one that will be great news.


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