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#112566 - 09/11/01 01:40 PM Re: Is Everybody O.K.??
flowerssupply Offline

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Loc: Ireland
My most sincere condolences to all. It is important to me to say a bit as I have worked with victims of hurt for 22 years on a voluntary basis - an addiction perhaps.
I have a good message for you and it is this:
Let us not in the least collude with or increase the gigantic tragedy by anyone of us getting, depressed, or angry to the point of no reason. The greatest tragedy of all is that the solutions to these issues are well known already. Love disarms and absolute love disarms absolutely. In Ireland we have had 800 years of war with England and we have not learned how to win -- the clearest most intelligent response is to love. It is my greatest wish that we not retaliate but stand in love and win. I hope I am not hurting anyone or thing Pierce in Ireland.

#112567 - 09/11/01 03:24 PM Re: Is Everybody O.K.??
Dnj Offline
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All is well here in NJ so far only 69 miles from ground Zero!!

God Bless The USA

#112568 - 09/11/01 03:28 PM Re: Is Everybody O.K.??
freddynl Offline
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There are no words to describe what I saw tonight on the cnn news.
It was like a horror film.
Knowing the WTC very well personally, I immediately realised the huge chance of numerous victims. (untill now no one dare to estimate any number of possible victims, but I am afraid this will exceed anything you can imagin.)
As with all the rest I like to express my thought's to all innocent victims.

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#112569 - 09/11/01 04:59 PM Re: Is Everybody O.K.??
eddy awada Offline

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Loc: MI,usa
I hope everyone here and their families are ok, my condolences to all victimes and their families i want to say a lot more than that but i can't find no words to describe how bad i feel.

#112570 - 09/11/01 06:59 PM Re: Is Everybody O.K.??
DonM Offline
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I heard from Uncle Dave, and I'm sure he will check in when he gets a chance. He is concerned about his cousin's husband who works in WTC and has not yet checked in.
I hope he won't mind my posting this information here, but I know he will appreciate our prayers.

#112571 - 09/11/01 08:15 PM Re: Is Everybody O.K.??
George Kaye Offline
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Loc: Reseda, California USA
What a day this has been! A good friend of mine works on the Frazier TV show and one of the producers and his wife were on the jet that crashed into the second WTC building this morning. Life is very fragile! Who could have imagined going to work this morning how we would be sitting in front of our TV sets tonight watching this tragedy. I share in all your sentiments and pray for the families of the victims tonight.
George Kaye
George Kaye
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#112572 - 09/11/01 08:16 PM Re: Is Everybody O.K.??
jcs Offline
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Loc: woodbridge,ct usa
It's been a long day. My friend's neighbor's daughter was in building #2 when building #1 was hit. She contacted her parents by cell phone to tell them she was alright. About 15 minutes later building #2 was struck and she hasn't been heard from since.
They haven't been able to get the gas fires out to get the rescue started.About 250 ambulances are lined up on the East Side highway waiting. As many as 500 fireman and police were on the plaza and in the buildings at the time of the collapse.Right now the construction crews are also waiting to get their equipment in position to start the debris removal. No electricity in the area and most everyone south of canal street has been evacuated. The amount of damage at the site is rumored to be enough to destabilize the reinsurance industry world wide.At my hospital, 75 miles from the crash, we have been on alert since 10am.

#112573 - 09/11/01 08:23 PM Re: Is Everybody O.K.??
JCkeeys Offline

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Loc: St. James,New York,USA
I was in Brooklyn this morning just across the river from the WTC. I witnessed this horrible event first was horrible. Thank God no one I know was there!! My daughter attended FIT (College)in Manhattan for two years, finished last year. I have never felt the way I felt today. I fear our way of life may have changed for ever.

#112574 - 09/11/01 10:33 PM Re: Is Everybody O.K.??
Scottyee Offline
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Loc: San Francisco Bay Area, CA, US...
This has been an emotionally draining day. I am feeling mixed emotions of sadness, rage, and depression. These horrific terrorist attacks have changed our lives FOREVER!

The husband of a close friend of mine was originally scheduled to be in the World Trade Center this morning, but luckily, thank GOD, his scheduled meeting got changed (just the day before) to later in the afternoon.

Here in Northern California , both downtown San Francisco & the San Francisco International Airport have been completely evacuated (a ghost town).

I will continue to pray for the families of the many victims of this act of cowardly hatred and hope the 'world community' will support us in finding and bringing to justice the perpetrators who commited this horrific act.

#112575 - 09/11/01 11:50 PM Re: Is Everybody O.K.??
Roel Offline

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Unbelievable what we saw today !
I was at work as we heard about this terrible,terrorist attack at 16:00h local time and we are extremely shocked.
Our thoughts are with the victims and we feel very bad !


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