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#1102 - 02/20/05 06:08 PM Deciding between Yamaha PSR-3000/Korg PA-50
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I want to buy a mid-range keyboard for home. I can not decide between the 2, Yamaha PSR-3000, or Korg PA-50. Both of them have their own pro's & con's. Sounds and styles are very good for me from either one. I am looking more on minor differences.

After doing "a little" research, here are my main concerns about the 2:

Yamaha PSR-3000 pro's: Headphones jack is in front (unlike the PA-50 which is in the rear); Has 3 intro/endings per style (PA-50 has just 2); LCD and side buttons are much more intuitive and practical to use, which will cause less mistakes then on PA-50; I love the direct-access button on the PSR-3000 (unsure if PA-50 has anything similar?); Also love the mixing console; And the USB memory is much superior to the 3.5" floppy disk offered on the PA-50; 128 polyphony (although the Korg PA-50 handles the 64 better than Yamaha the 128, as we all know); "Left hand hold" feature (unsure about the PA-50 if it has).

On the other hand, the Korg PA-50 has the following pro's: Better key feel; and the panel buttons are much better divided and placed than Yamaha (IMO); 3 upper (right) sounds (vs. 2 on the PSR-3000); I like the pitch bend / modulation wheel better than Yamaha's style; It has a "reset" feature for resetting the style; And the main thing is price is just $1000 (vs. PSR-3000's $1500).

Can anybody help me decide?

(Sorry if my English is not the best).

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#1103 - 03/17/05 06:19 AM Re: Deciding between Yamaha PSR-3000/Korg PA-50
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Ive heard nothing but good from both. Obviously color screen on the 3k, but not on the PA-50. Whatever you choose you cant go wrong the main difference is the price. You can find used PA-50's around 700-800, which is half the cost of a new 3k.


#1104 - 03/17/05 06:27 AM Re: Deciding between Yamaha PSR-3000/Korg PA-50
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Most of us at "General Discussion" don't even own arrangers. Try posting at the "General Arranger" or "The Bar" sections.
Good luck on your decision.


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#1105 - 03/26/05 12:22 AM Re: Deciding between Yamaha PSR-3000/Korg PA-50
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read this.

and this

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#1106 - 04/10/05 07:52 AM Re: Deciding between Yamaha PSR-3000/Korg PA-50
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I own the PSR3000 and in my opinion, I think you would be MUCH better buying the 3000. They voices are much higher quality, there are more styles and the styles have more 'style'. The Korg styles seem to be sparse musically. You can always mute style parts but a lot more difficult adding instruments. The really poor screen on the Korg is a major roadblock for me and one of the reasons I did not get the Korg. I found the Korg more difficult to use. And on the Korg, I found when selecting a rythem break that the break was often not smooth. (Pa1x). I think you would be getting a much better value for your dollar with the 3000.
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#1107 - 04/12/05 05:30 PM Re: Deciding between Yamaha PSR-3000/Korg PA-50
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I think it's best to get what you can here, but at the same time take it with a grain of salt and play both of them until you can decide which one plays better for YOU.

I think the Korg styles are far more alive sounding than Yamaha's, and I'm split down the middle on the individual voices, with maybe a slight edge to the PSR's, but the PA series has a huge edge in editing power if it matters to you. Really, my point here is that styles and sounds are way too subjective to get an accurate picture of what is best for you, without trying them for yourself.

I only need one arranger ( if I need one at all ) so I kept my Korg PA80 and sold off my Yamaha stuff. When it came down to it, the biggest reason for me is that I very much dislike ( what I feel to be ) the soft and unresponsive key feel of any of the PSR series boards. I think only my 40 year old Magnus 2 octave chord organ rivals it for key feel. For other players, this may not matter as much if at all.


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#1108 - 04/24/05 12:56 AM Re: Deciding between Yamaha PSR-3000/Korg PA-50
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overall sound(except for Ac piano and some saxes)Korg sound better(mainly better drums and bass).PA has more "pro" look than PSR.

styles arranging,realtime countrol,SMF and seq ease Yam's better.

though Korg has good ballads and some 16s ,bossa's Yam's overall styles are more usuable.
but don't forget in Korg you can replace all styles.

seq and sound editing-Korg is better.

but Yam has these major advantages.

Vocal Harmony with compressor,EQ and reverb

SM card input and USB to device input(play thousands of SMFs and styles with ease)

music finder

realtime pads(can play loops-you can't in KORG)

better and more fills

factory styles more tuned toward 4/4 most popular music(in KORG B section starts from over orchestrated ethnic and latin styles are virtually unusuable).

and ofcourse you can't beat YAM's 3rd party support and free styles.

basically if you play arranger music-yam is the choice.

if you do more studio and live with occational arranger work-PA.

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