Merry Christmas everybody!!

It's been a while since I posted, hope all is well.

I've been playing for a while and I consider myself pretty good (OK, have yet to post my playing here)...but definitely I got rhythm and all.

On to my question....I've been trying to take on swing dancing. I know some of the song you use in the dance(big voodoo daddy, etc) are in 4/4 and the basic steps are in eight (I think), but for the life of me, I'm always out of steps when I started dancing. Like I always want to match the whole eight step sequence with the first beat of the song, but I seem to always miss it. I know this is a hard question to explain, but I thought that my background as a musician and somebody who also know how to dance (others have said so) this should be an easy thing no?

Any swing dancers here can share their dancing tips??
I bought a DVD on swing dancing but can't get pass the second chapter (they went slow first then I'm lost when they started dancing).