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#102585 - 08/17/00 01:51 PM Notes and chords in display while playing...
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I have a GEM WK6. One of the interesting functions is that, while playing a midi file, I can see the notes and chords and even the lyrics on the same time on the large LCD display. There's also a moving marker, which indicates which note I have to play (I'm not a pro, but a amateur, and this is a VERY USEFUL feature in my opinion, and one of the good points of Generalmusic!)
Now, in the near future, I might be seduced by some new arranger keyboards (like the VA-7 or PSR-9000). Not that I think that they're a lot better than my GEM, but maybe because of some new nice sounds, an internal harddisk that I don't have, a vocal processor,...Since I know that these other keyboard don't let see the notes+chords+lyrics on the same time on the LCD display, this is something I'll probably miss...(and since I have no money to buy a new keyboard and to keep my GEM,...)
So, my question: is there a possibility, or maybe a device, or a software program, that can give me the same function: I want to see the notes and chords (the lyrics are not really necessary) on a display or screen, and there has to be some moving marker, so that I can see which note is being played...

I appreciate your help and ideas...



#102586 - 08/17/00 10:08 PM Re: Notes and chords in display while playing...
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If you have a WK6 you can easily add a vocal harmonizer inside the keyboard and also a hard disk drive. The hard disk drive requires a 2.5"ide type which is available from $35 to $75.00 for a 540 megabyte refurbished drive or a little more if you want a bigger one, and the hard disk mounting kit runs around $200.00 because it also includes a plug in module which is needed to add ram so the hard drive will function. The drive is available from many mailorder places and the hard disk kit is available from Generalmusic. The Vocal harmonizer runs about $400.00 and also mounts inside the keyboard. It is very easy to install both of these options. If you want a new keyboard, than get one, but if you want to upgrade your wK6 you can do this as well.
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#102587 - 08/18/00 04:12 AM Re: Notes and chords in display while playing...
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Hi Yves

First of all, if you want new sounds and do not mind making your set up more complicated, keep your old keyboard and add a sound module. Instead of a new arranger, get a Roland 5080 or a Triton Rack. Each comes with great sounds and each has eight expansion slots for new sounds and more.

If you do buy a new arranger keyboard without the features you mention, maybe you can hook up your old keyboard so that it shows the chord and note information played on the new keyboard.

I use a Roland A-110 Midi display, which shows notes on a Piano-style display. It does not show chords, however. Most new high-end arrangers can display lyrics. Many arranger keyboards display chords as you play, but not when a file is played. In a speculative vein, if the keyboard allows the auto accompaniment to be controlled with an external midi controller, there might be a way to feed back song data to drive the autoaccompaniment and read the resulting chord.

#102588 - 08/19/00 07:55 PM Re: Notes and chords in display while playing...
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Hello to All,
The new casio WK1800 will help you with learning what's being played with a midi file.
Casio's and newer Yamaha PSR series keyboards have been displaying the key bed in the LCD screen. Since the WK1800 has a disk drive and can play midi files ( not as good as Yamaha, but better then before ).The keys on the screen will help with learning the songs. It will not spell out the chords , but I have found it helpful. The Casio is selling for around $479.99. Good Luck........Dan O at Guitar Center Towson MD. or 410 821 5200


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