Hello all, noob here. I read around the boards for some advice regarding my situation, but didn't find the info I'm looking for so I thought to start a new thread.

I'm looking for advice on which keyboard to buy - I'm overwhelmed by the amount of info & keyboards available & was hoping you's could help me narrow it down.

My current requirements:

*88 key, weighted digital piano
*Realistic keys that *feel* like a real piano
*Great, realistic sound
*Midi capabilities (in/out/thru)
*Some built in piano sounds, and some organ sounds esp. *Rhodes*.

I'm fairly new to midi so I'm not sure I understand which capabilities I need in a new keyboard to use sounds I already have, like B4II, Ivory, Akoustik Piano, etc.

I own an older keyboard workstation (Roland XP-50), so I really don't need a full workstation. Besides, all of my sequencing is done on Pro Tools. I would use the new keyboard mainly to play & record pianos & organs.

I'm a songwriter producing/arranging my own songs, so I need to be able to hook it up with my current system: so in case it matters I'm using:

Pro Tools LE 7.3
Mbox 2 Pro
PowerBook G4 2 Gb's Ram
OS X 10.4.9

Regarding my price range: I'm trying to keep it below $1000, but I want to get the right KB at the best deal possible, so I would spend $1500+, but I sure would love to find the right KB for $300!

I appreciate any feedback!!

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