I've got a problem with my MU90R and Cubase 5. I don't know how to send Bank Select messages to the MU90R. Typing the bank number in the "part info" box in Cubase doesn't work. I've tried out all the settings from the context menu (e.g. switch MBS-LBS order etc.) but the MU90R still doesn't receive it. This is really frustrating cuz I want to use all the voices and not only the 128 GM ones. The "Rcv Bank Select" parameter of my MU90R is set to "on". The manual says that MU90R can't change the bank number immediately but has to wait until the next program change message occurrs. But I dunno how to tell Cubase always to send a program change message after sending a bank select message.

Can anybody help me getting this right?


Thanks a lot.