MU90R and Cubase 5

Posted by: Benny_j

MU90R and Cubase 5 - 01/27/02 08:29 AM


I've got a problem with my MU90R and Cubase 5. I don't know how to send Bank Select messages to the MU90R. Typing the bank number in the "part info" box in Cubase doesn't work. I've tried out all the settings from the context menu (e.g. switch MBS-LBS order etc.) but the MU90R still doesn't receive it. This is really frustrating cuz I want to use all the voices and not only the 128 GM ones. The "Rcv Bank Select" parameter of my MU90R is set to "on". The manual says that MU90R can't change the bank number immediately but has to wait until the next program change message occurrs. But I dunno how to tell Cubase always to send a program change message after sending a bank select message.

Can anybody help me getting this right?


Thanks a lot.

Posted by: Xenox.AFL

Re: MU90R and Cubase 5 - 02/06/02 12:21 AM

Well, it's easy at all with the Yamaha synth, you have only to send the MSB/LSB and Program together, that's all... For example...

MSB 0 0
LSB 32 0
PRG - 1

I don't know that Banks for MU90R, you have to change the MSB number for sure... That's all... If you don't know the diff. Voices, then go to the webside and load the XG Edit down and install it, there you can see ALL Bank Numbers of the sounds you can hear. Maybe you did not see it, but, if you play the piano on Bank #01, and switch to Bank #02 where is no other piano, the Synth is still playing the Piano from Bank#01. On all Banks, there are the same sounds, only some sounds were changed...! It would be easier to check the sounds with the Xg Edit tool, there you can really see which sounds are different..!

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Re: MU90R and Cubase 5 - 02/12/02 02:00 AM

it's easier to install a bank-select script!
download it here

The script is originally for the SW1000XG but you can partially use it on the MU90 (because the SW1000XG has all voices of the MU90.

Posted by: Xenox.AFL

Re: MU90R and Cubase 5 - 04/02/02 11:53 PM

Okay, thats easier, but if people asked how to change the performances/voices i ever post that MSB/LSB comands BECAUSE, if they buy a new synth, they will have mostly the same problem, but, if there understand how to change everything it's easier to understand how to work with other synths...

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Re: MU90R and Cubase 5 - 04/20/02 05:21 PM

OK, but the problem is that it STILL doesn't work. Both setting up this MSB/LSB stuff and using the script doesn't pass the bank number to the MU90R. MIDI files don't work, too. Every parameter (program, volume...) is passed correctly to the synth, except of this bank select shit. Damn, this is frustrating. :