Hi Roger
The settings that I wish to delete are the custom styles. It may be that once I am able to get the styles which I have dowloaded onto one of the 1Gig cards which have now been ordered the problem may solve itself. I hope to know by the end of the week. The trouble with getting old is that you forget how you did things a few years back ( or even a few days back).
As you will have seen from Audrey's post we have indeed met at the Cambridge Club. I was the person involved on that occasion.
Fortunately I only live 10 minutes drive from the venue so the Chairman come with me to collect my gear which all had to be disassembled first. What a panic. But we made it OK and the concert started 20 minutes late. Which wasn't bad. Although I hadn't got a program prepared, my years of experience got me through and everyone seemed quite happy.