After I replied to your last post Bill I have had to give other matters my undivided attention so have been unable to respond until now. I have encountered some problems. These may be due to computer mismatches in part. My PC runs on Windows 7 and my laptop on XP. I have downloaded everything OK onto the PC but I suspect that it doesn't like the Technics programs because as soon as I try to transfer into Song Manager I get an error message. My router doesn't work on the la top, only on XP and Vista. The other complication is that I cannot obtain any 1gig SD cards locally and the 7000 wont accept 2gig cards. The ones that I have from my old 7000 come from the days when 16mb was massive and they are no use for files of the size involved here. I shall continue to search on the web.

I don't know if anyone knows the answer to another problem I have. As I said in my first post, the KN7000 which I bought had no software with it but it has got a lot of the previous owner's setting which I would like to replace. Factory reset doesn't remove them and the manual mentions a CD which would.. Is this obtainable nowadays or is there another way to achieve my objective?

I have spotted the link to Premier-Ink and will check whether they still have the 1GB cards.