Hello John,

when I have heard the song Sidewalk cafe 5 days ago for the first time, I was so fascinated that I wanted to play him immediately.
I spent most time with creating the sounds.
First I had the rhythm "ModernBeguin" variation 3 from Ballroom (he is stored away in the Composer on Memory B).
I was a little impatient, therefore, I have exhausted not all possibilities for a better Intro, Fillin and Ending.

However, your proposal to finish the song with "Tasteless Fade out" is quite easy.

1. Possibility: Pressure with the tact 85 the "tasteless Fade out key" and the song ends, how in the original.

2. Possibility: Extinguish in the CTL track in time 92 the controller of Ending 1 and insert then in time 85 the controller from Tasteless Fade out.

Good success.