Posted by: HarryG

Sounds - 12/23/09 02:44 AM


since some time I deal with the improvement of the sound with the KN 7000.

Starting point was a video recording with a Tyros 3 whose surface sound I have liked very well.

I have tried to copy this Tyrossound for the KN 7000.

As a song I have chosen "Sidewalk cafe".

The rhythm comes from the Rhythm Group - entertainer - simpletons 8 beats variation 4.

Intro 1, Ending 1 and Fill in 1 I have exchanged from 8Bt standard.

I have exchanged drums 1 and 2 and the Accomp 1-5 for instruments from the SoundExplorer.

As a sound I have chosen "stage" with 50%.

I think that the sound can be well listened.

Who would want finds the sound under v=0akpUobLCLI

Sidewalk cafe I have taken up in the Composer. With interest I can send the files.

Posted by: roger brandon bradbury

Re: Sounds - 12/23/09 02:57 AM

The URL contained a malformed video ID.
Posted by: HarryG

Re: Sounds - 12/23/09 03:09 AM

Sorry, the link has a mistake.

New attempt:
Posted by: Glen Coyne

Re: Sounds - 12/23/09 05:28 AM

Hi Harry

I have just listened to your Sidewalk Cafe, this is a very impressive arrangement and you have done a very good job with the sounds.

Would it be possible to send me the files please, my email address is in my profile.

Many thanks, Glen
Posted by: HarryG

Re: Sounds - 12/23/09 06:07 AM

Hello Glen,

the files are on the move.

Posted by: Bernie9

Re: Sounds - 12/23/09 12:27 PM

I love it. Would you send me a copy ?
Posted by: jd5live

Re: Sounds - 12/23/09 02:35 PM

Hi Have been looking at song the sound is very good , the key changes are very good and the into fits very well the only thing I find tat lets the performance down is the ending.I have listened to the original and think the best option is to use the fade out as this is closer to the original.
P.S. the English for the "Santa's Piano with no strings is very good perhaps a little reworking to make it more English may be possible but at the moment it is very understandable as it is so may be for Xmas 2010 a new translation but do not worry for now.
I hope you and your family have a merry Christmas and a happy new year

Regards John,Diane and family
P.S. Happy Christmas to all Zoner's too!!!!
Posted by: HarryG

Re: Sounds - 12/23/09 11:50 PM

Hello John,

when I have heard the song Sidewalk cafe 5 days ago for the first time, I was so fascinated that I wanted to play him immediately.
I spent most time with creating the sounds.
First I had the rhythm "ModernBeguin" variation 3 from Ballroom (he is stored away in the Composer on Memory B).
I was a little impatient, therefore, I have exhausted not all possibilities for a better Intro, Fillin and Ending.

However, your proposal to finish the song with "Tasteless Fade out" is quite easy.

1. Possibility: Pressure with the tact 85 the "tasteless Fade out key" and the song ends, how in the original.

2. Possibility: Extinguish in the CTL track in time 92 the controller of Ending 1 and insert then in time 85 the controller from Tasteless Fade out.

Good success.