A quote by Gunner: ď....but why are the updates made, if it's not for any use? They probably fix some problem or another found after the release of the keyboard?

Gunnar, more than likely itís a German problem thatís being fixed, seeing that it originates from only Germany. Italians are lovers, Frenchmen make good wine, Englishmen are very proper and Germans are always fixing and doodling with things. Could be they just want to keep you Norwegians guessing because you guys are very practical and want to always know the why of things. Us American slobs just want to have fun and work hard to attain it.

You know Gunner? It just dawned on me! There will be no new KN coming out this fall. That means I wonít have to work too hard this year to buy the new model. Say, thatís good news!!! More time for fun. See!!!! There is always a good side to everything. Maybe that's why Ruthie likes me so much and we have had so much fun all these years. Kind of reminds me of a song we used to play in our dance band: Accentuate the Positive or something like that.

Grampa Doug