Originally posted by MarkW:
Hi all,

Now that Technics will be winding things down, so to speak, I wonder whether update 1.6 might never be available through official channels in the UK?

This leads me to think that if I should ever want to take advantage of the fixes in version 1.6, I would need to take the unsupported route of updating from the Taiyo site.

What worries me about this (apart from this being an unsupported upgrade route) is that there is a warning on www.kn7000.de that you mustn't install this version if you use the Plug-ins from Key Soft. Although I don't intend to use the Key Soft Plug-ins, this makes me nervous as it sounds like they have broken compatibility with previous versions at some level.

Also, if I upgrade to 1.6 and I find at some point in the future that I need to go back to 1.3, is there a way that I can re-install 1.3?

I'd appreciate any thoughts on these issues that any of you may have.


Leave well alone there are more people not using this unofficial upgrade than are.
Do you see a lot of threads/posts of people complaining about their KN7000 not functioning properly.I think not