Originally posted by Bud Whipple:
... and since I have to sell my kn6k first...

Bud, have you talked to your dealer about a trade-in? I guess you could get more for your KN6000 if you sell it privately, but its a question of weighing up the extra cash against the hassle, etc.

I will be going to see my daughter in early August, as she is expecting her first baby then. Unfortunately she lives about 2.5 days drive away, and as I'll be gone for three weeks I am parting with my KN6000 before I go. I'm hoping my KN7000 will be available very soon after I return. (The expected delivery date is 1 Sep, and that's here in Australia, so I hope you USA musos see it soon as well.) The more I read about the KN7000 the more impatient I get!


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