Originally posted by Alain:
Technics Press release (Nashville, TN): The SX-KN7000 keyboard will be available in August, 2002 at Technics Musical Instrument dealer locations nationwide.

The above Technics USA Press Release suggests to me that the KN7000 will be available nationwide (USA?) NEXT month (August). WOW !!!

Exciting news, but surprising to read. In the past, Technics always released their new model KN arrangers in Europe 'first' and we in the US always had to wait at least 3-4 months later before seeing them appear on our shores (not until the end of the year (November/December), if we were lucky). I'm hoping that this Press Release indicates that Technics has finally decided to change their policy and release their new model arranger keyboards to BOTH Europe and the USA 'at the SAME time'. Wow, we could 'all' be seeing KN7000's in our local stores (and possibly in our home/studio) in just a few short weeks. Your thoughts?

- Scott