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pressrelease technics kn7000 Nashville - 07/20/02 08:15 AM

new technics keyboard adds SD Card slot, USB port
for ease of use and maximum creativity
Nashville, TN (July 18, 2002) ¾ Known for its vast storage capabilities in cameras, PDA’s and traditional audio and video products, the SD Memory Card makes its way to the 2002 Technics keyboard line via the new SX-KN7000.   Replacing the hard drive, found in previous models, with an SD Card drive, Technics boldly creates a new standard for handling MIDI files and more. 
            “The inclusion of an SD Card slot in this new keyboard vastly expands the instrument’s capabilities and sets a new precedent for the industry,” says Dan Slick, Managing Director, Technics Musical Instruments Division.
Using the keyboard’s SD drive, performers can, for example, play along with audio tracks saved on a postage-stamp sized SD Memory Card, create slide shows with digital pictures from an SD-enabled digital camera or download audio tracks and play them through the SX-KN7000’s speakers.
             Further expanding the keyboard’s technical capabilities is the inclusion of a USB port. This interface  allows users to: connect directly to a PC using any MIDI sequencing software such as Cubase, Cakewalk or Logic; record digital audio into any recording software or the included simple recording software; mix the Line-In and microphone inputs of the SX-KN7000 with your digital recording; burn an audio CD of a final mix on a PC, or send musical compositions via e-mail to friends and family and download software such as Composer Patterns from the Internet.
The instrument’s musical capabilities are tremendous as well. The new SX-KN7000 includes a host of new sounds that have been recorded especially for this keyboard. 
The model’s powerful sound engine and PCM Sound Source contain over 1,150 instrument settings that seamlessly replicate the instruments after which they are modeled. The repertoire includes keyboard, string, wind, brass and percussion instruments, all sampled from live performances to ensure authentic sound.  Many of these include multiple variations. For example, among the KX-KN7000’s string samples are concert strings, which deliver a heavier vibrato effect for classical musical pieces.
New for this model are vintage organ sounds ranging from Theatre Pipe Organ to Electronic Home Organ.   There’s also a “Soloist” setting that expresses the fine details and nuances of the individual musical instruments.  For example, choose a Tenor Sax Soloist sound, which has a distinctive quality that’s reminiscent of the Big Band days.  Or, opt for the Touch Flamenco Guitar sound to accent your score with great delicacy and detail.  Other sounds include Trumpet Soloist, Jazz Flute Soloist and more.  The instrument also has 38 drum kits.
            Aside from offering a palette of 1,150 Pulse Code Modulation (PCM) preset sounds, the SX-KN7000 gives users unparalleled ability to manipulate sounds with a Time Variant Filter and numerous other sound editing parameters.  There's also a 16-track, 40,000-note sequencer to meet the demands of the most accomplished songwriter.
            The SX-KN7000 also offers the added versatility of manual sequence pads. With 114 patterns, users can takeadvantage of interesting musical phrases and sound effects ¾ from a trumpet fanfare to a drum roll to applause ¾ complementing any musical performance. For even more fun, customized patterns can be created and recorded.
The new keyboard is accented by 128-note polyphony, allowing it to handle the most complex musical arrangements with realism and fidelity.  And the inclusion of over 220 accompaniment patterns, which range from “Manhattan Jazz” and “Hip Vocals” to the more traditional “Ragtime” and “Ballroom Foxtrot,” are sure to provide the appropriate backdrop for any musical score.
The new Technics keyboard is backed by an impressive 66 watts of power.  A 30-watt subwoofer results in thundering bass tones, while the newly redirected tweeters shower the listener with realistic high frequency sounds.
            The keyboard’s NX Sound format ensures compatibility with previous Technics products, GM, the new industry-standard GM2, and most other industry software.
Other features include 64 MB Wave ROM Memory, enhanced DSP Effects, such as Chorus and Reverb, which can be applied separately to Right 1, Right 2, Left and APC parts, or globally to all the parts being played.  Global and separate equalization can be used for creating studio-like re-mixes with excellent sound quality.
            The new SX-KN7000 is also extremely easy to play. This state-of-the-art model features a large, wide-screen, full-color LCD, which shows information such as instrument groups, sound parameters, and drawbars on one page.  Musicians can even customize the LCD with their own wallpaper background or designate up to four “Favorites” pages, with preferred sounds, rhythms, styles and menu shortcuts for future recall.
            And, the inclusion of a video output lets users of the SX-KN7000 view the LCD’s screen contents on their television.
            The SX-KN7000 keyboard will be available in August, 2002 at Technics Musical Instrument dealer locations nationwide.
            Technics products are marketed in the United States by Panasonic Consumer Electronics Company.  The company is a division of Matsushita Electric Corporation of America, the principal North American subsidiary of Matsushita Electric Industrial Co., Ltd., (NYSE:MC) of Japan, one of the world’s largest producers of innovative electronic and electric products for consumer, business and industrial use.  Consumers can find information on Technics products by calling the Technics Customer Call Center at 800-PANTUNE, or at Media can access press releases via the Panasonic Pressroom web site,, or through our toll-free fax-back system at 888-734-7490.
  *An optional microphone is required.
Specifications are subject to change without notice.
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Re: pressrelease technics kn7000 Nashville - 07/20/02 10:29 AM

sounds brilliant can't wait .
thanks for the info
Posted by: Bud Whipple

Re: pressrelease technics kn7000 Nashville - 07/20/02 10:59 AM

Wow! I'm sold, that's for sure. However, reality tells me that there are sure to be some bugs to be eliminated, and since I have to sell my kn6k first, maybe all that will be taken care of post haste. While I'm waiting for my ship to come in, I will be spending some quality time at my dealer's learning all I can with some hands-on experience. Too bad Technics didn't put two card slots in the keyboard so we could use either Smart Media or Compact Flash cards that we already have.

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Re: pressrelease technics kn7000 Nashville - 07/20/02 11:34 AM

Originally posted by Alain:
Technics Press release (Nashville, TN): The SX-KN7000 keyboard will be available in August, 2002 at Technics Musical Instrument dealer locations nationwide.

The above Technics USA Press Release suggests to me that the KN7000 will be available nationwide (USA?) NEXT month (August). WOW !!!

Exciting news, but surprising to read. In the past, Technics always released their new model KN arrangers in Europe 'first' and we in the US always had to wait at least 3-4 months later before seeing them appear on our shores (not until the end of the year (November/December), if we were lucky). I'm hoping that this Press Release indicates that Technics has finally decided to change their policy and release their new model arranger keyboards to BOTH Europe and the USA 'at the SAME time'. Wow, we could 'all' be seeing KN7000's in our local stores (and possibly in our home/studio) in just a few short weeks. Your thoughts?

- Scott
Posted by: Anonymous

Re: pressrelease technics kn7000 Nashville - 07/20/02 02:43 PM

Okay Technics we know you are reading these posts.......the hook is well baited and we are ready to bite......give us a date for the US showing.

Fran in Florida
Posted by: Mike Daniell

Re: pressrelease technics kn7000 Nashville - 07/21/02 08:29 PM

Originally posted by Bud Whipple:
... and since I have to sell my kn6k first...

Bud, have you talked to your dealer about a trade-in? I guess you could get more for your KN6000 if you sell it privately, but its a question of weighing up the extra cash against the hassle, etc.

I will be going to see my daughter in early August, as she is expecting her first baby then. Unfortunately she lives about 2.5 days drive away, and as I'll be gone for three weeks I am parting with my KN6000 before I go. I'm hoping my KN7000 will be available very soon after I return. (The expected delivery date is 1 Sep, and that's here in Australia, so I hope you USA musos see it soon as well.) The more I read about the KN7000 the more impatient I get!


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Re: pressrelease technics kn7000 Nashville - 07/22/02 06:37 AM

I hope the early release date in the USA isn't just to provide technics with a wider audience to 'get the bugs out' ..... the one advantage we've had in the USA, Scott, is that our brothers and sisters 'across the pond' usually got the kinks out of the unit before it came here....
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Re: pressrelease technics kn7000 Nashville - 07/22/02 07:35 AM

I hope, Sir, you are not accusing me of looking for kinks?
Posted by: tony mads usa

Re: pressrelease technics kn7000 Nashville - 07/22/02 11:21 AM

kinks, maybe ..... kinky ?!?.... that's up to YOU !!!