Hi Fran,
Hope you get this, am having trouble posting perhaps due to new Membership.
Re. my message to you, wherein I mentioned
that I was going directly to Logitech to buy
my speaker system. That all changed being
so close to Christmas. Either the product was back ordered (time unknown) or the model
was changing to the new Logitech Z2300.
Long story made short. I finally ordered and have received the Z-2300. Cost $109.00
Went to radio shack for the adapter's one
store was OUT and the other sold me the wrong adapter. Funny too because I took the
email from you with me to the store so they
could read it.
Question - when you plug in to the back of
the machine the two adapter's plug into the
MAIN OUT (MONO) (R) & (L) correct? Marjorie