Hi Flyer,

This week I went to listen to a system one of our keyboard members had recently purchased from BCK. It is called the EDIFIER R401 and retails at 69.99 The keyboard was being played in a Senior Citizens communal hall and I was pleasantly surprised at how much this small system enhanced his KN7000. My friend had it playing through his 'earphone' socket, but it also offers direct connection to the Keyboard.

The details are 6.5inch subwoofer - aluminium coil. MDF (wood) cabinets (not plastic). Internal power supply - no wall wart. Quality finish - consistant and safe.

2 x satellite cabinets with 1 x 3 inch - paper coil and 1 x 1 inch membrance dome.

Volume, treble and bass controls.

Cables included for connection to most keyboards/computers. Ideal for keyboard or computer use.

Of course, it is no competition for the systems used by the professionals, but for people like me who only entertain for parties
and occasional small dances, it would be perfectly adequate. Certainly it is well worth checking.

BCK's web address is www.bck.co.uk
or you can Telephone: 01992 524442 or
Fax: 01992 524004