Hi Alec,
you being back would never be a waste of time.
Hubby finally got out of hospital in August ( after seven months ) and he's finally on the mend.

Things are not quite back to normal, I actually sold my kn7. Don't think I ever got over the shock that there wouldn't be a KN8000. During all those months sitting round the hospital I became interested in computers , software synths & using OMB as a realtime arranger. I midied to my piano. I remembered having a conversation with you about what the future may hold ( just after the shock announcement about Technics). I ust jumped on the bandwagon early.

The one thing I really miss though, is the chit chat & the members on the Technics forum.

best wishes
Originally posted by technicsplayer:
Hi Rikki,
it was a waste of time coming back judging from another thread
Hope things are all back to normal after hubby's long health troubles, and all the best for the New Year and future. Take care.
best wishes
Rikki 🧸

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