Originally posted by Bill Norrie:
More and more Desktop and Laptop PCs are now being fitted with multi card readers as well............Maybe external card readers will suffer the same fate as the floppy disc drive ??? Apart from the digital audio requirement - and who knows - maybe even that will be incorporated in future??

trouble is they don't necessarily take everything... Apart from compact flash and type 2 microdrive there are the various permutations of memory stick, memory stick pro, memory stick duo, magic gate and the permutations thereof, we now have mini sd and micro mmc to cater for (even more adaptors) as well as the full sized versions, let alone xd and the pretty obsolete smart media. Now we have transflash which is smaller than mini sd! I have sat in internet cafes next to people who brought along their own firewire and cardbus readers who could not download their data because they did not have the relevant slot or socket on the pc.