Hi Mary,
Let me give a try.
Using PADS.
1-Record a sequence using the solos.
2-Then take the track that has the solo and copy it into the pads.
This way you can use the solos with any rhythm.
There is a lot more to this than I have written, but give it a try.

Patter Copy
1-Load the new pattern that you want to add the solos to.
2-Find on your floppy or SD card where the pattern is
that has the solos.
3-Press SD (Or the floppy) (Yellow on right)
4-Highlight (Select) where the solos are, then press Load.
5-Go the page #3 of the Load page. (Page button lower right)
6-Press the Mode on the left side until Composer appears in the center.
7-Make sure that you have Single on the right side not Bank. By pressing the button you go from Single to Bank.

On the left you have a box with the “FROM” written at the top. This box displays the composer from the part you highlighted on the SD card. The one that has the Solo patterns.
Composer A B C

On the right you have a box with, “TO” written at the top.
This is where the new style is being displayed.

8-Left “FROM” box – Select bank A, B or C – (Where the solos are located)
To do this use the Bank button below the box.
9-Now use the pattern button to select what part of the pattern has the solos you want to copy. (Where the solos are)
10-The “TO” box – Select A,B, or C – (Where the new style is located)
Use the Bank button.
11-Now use the Pattern button to select where in the pattern you want the solo to be copied to.

EX. If the new pattern is in bank A of the “TO’ window – you can copy the solos to any part of A, B or C. This would give you the four variations on bank A and the solos on bank B and/or C.

Mary, this a bit of a task, so ask as you work your way through.

John C.

If the forum feels this type of teachings/help should be E-mailed to the person asking for help please let me know.
I thought by posting it to the forum all might benefit.