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4 solos - 06/04/07 06:14 PM

Hi All,

At the Florida Jam I got Jim Helwig's SD card. On several of the rhythms in Memory Bank B there are 4 solos. Is there any way to save just these 4 solos on a disk so they can be loaded into another rhythm and that rhythm is not overrided? I tried moving it to Bank C and cleared Bank A and B, but when I loaded it, it overrode the new rhythm and still had clear in Bank A and B. Would appreciate your opinions.

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Re: 4 solos - 06/04/07 08:08 PM

Hi Mary,
Let me give a try.
Using PADS.
1-Record a sequence using the solos.
2-Then take the track that has the solo and copy it into the pads.
This way you can use the solos with any rhythm.
There is a lot more to this than I have written, but give it a try.

Patter Copy
1-Load the new pattern that you want to add the solos to.
2-Find on your floppy or SD card where the pattern is
that has the solos.
3-Press SD (Or the floppy) (Yellow on right)
4-Highlight (Select) where the solos are, then press Load.
5-Go the page #3 of the Load page. (Page button lower right)
6-Press the Mode on the left side until Composer appears in the center.
7-Make sure that you have Single on the right side not Bank. By pressing the button you go from Single to Bank.

On the left you have a box with the “FROM” written at the top. This box displays the composer from the part you highlighted on the SD card. The one that has the Solo patterns.
Composer A B C

On the right you have a box with, “TO” written at the top.
This is where the new style is being displayed.

8-Left “FROM” box – Select bank A, B or C – (Where the solos are located)
To do this use the Bank button below the box.
9-Now use the pattern button to select what part of the pattern has the solos you want to copy. (Where the solos are)
10-The “TO” box – Select A,B, or C – (Where the new style is located)
Use the Bank button.
11-Now use the Pattern button to select where in the pattern you want the solo to be copied to.

EX. If the new pattern is in bank A of the “TO’ window – you can copy the solos to any part of A, B or C. This would give you the four variations on bank A and the solos on bank B and/or C.

Mary, this a bit of a task, so ask as you work your way through.

John C.

If the forum feels this type of teachings/help should be E-mailed to the person asking for help please let me know.
I thought by posting it to the forum all might benefit.
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Re: 4 solos - 06/05/07 01:05 AM

John writes - "If the forum feels this type of teachings/help should be E-mailed to the person asking for help please let me know.
I thought by posting it to the forum all might benefit".

Hi John - I personally welcome this as I am sure others do also. You are doing a grand job - I appreciate it - Joan
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Re: 4 solos - 06/05/07 01:07 PM

Mary, be aware that most disks that have solos in Memory B are commercial disks from Technics and others such as Mike Tyo or Rick DePiro and are specific to the rhythm pattern on the disk. In other words, they might not sound right with any other style but the one they were produced for. You can use them with a song you sequence using that style, but it takes a bit of set-up work to get them to sound proper. Maybe storing them in the pads is the best way to go. Also, if you want to use just one solo, then simply use pattern copy to move it to variation 1 which usually isn't that good, anyway. Then you can call it up anytime you want without any problems. Have fun.
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Re: 4 solos - 06/05/07 07:46 PM

Thanks John and others for your response. It sounds quite complicated, but I will give it a try.
I am going away tomorrow for a short time so will see what I can do with it when I come home. Will let you know if I have any success.

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Re: 4 solos - 06/06/07 02:09 AM

If you have a midi file that has a good solo by an instrument like a trumpet sax or even a drum solo, You can put that track in one of the pads.

You must determine what key the solo is in and then transpose the solo to the key of C Major so it can be used with the style you are playing.

Ex. F A C D in the key of F Major would be changed to C E G A.
The rest of the story is in the KN7 manual.

This is a brief outline on the subject, if more help is needed please ask.

John C.