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We appreciate your comments. It's going to probably take us that long just to use every facility that the keyboard offers. We're still finding new things each day. However, and this is my thoughts, not Michie's, why when there is such an interest now in home(?)keyboards, thanks mostly to the interenet (i.e. MIDI files, sequences, etc. to download), would Technics decide to ditch the KN series. I think we all understand that they are not cheap to manufacture but there are plenty of people still willing to pay for what is possible the Mercedes-Benz / Jaguar of keyboards. By the way I still class Roland as Rolls-Royce. Surely Technics could carry on production just based on after-sales service. I wonder, has anybody got a figure for the number of KN users world-wide...

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Piano's that's where the market is today & obviously Technics realise this.
Technics do not compete at the lower end unlike Yamaha/Casio Etc who have big outlets for their lower end keyboards.
It would also seem that Standard Midi Files have also run their course particularly as it now seems that karaoke in wav or MP3 is becoming the in format for wannabee song junkies but that does not mean to say that the floppy will not still have it's uses.
It is generally accepted that Yamaha are the most popular keyboard producers purely by the amount of units that they move.
Technics are known not to be as popular in the USA as in the UK& Europe and even then it is mainly through the older population that they move most of their boxes.
There will soon be a major move by Technics/Panasonic
so it would be as well not to take it with a grain of salt as has been suggested in this thread.