Hi All,

I have a different perspective to offer you. There WILL be a successor to the KN7000 and it WILL have new features that likely will make it attractive to buyers. Do I have inside information? No! But my common sense tells me that the obvious success of the KN7000 is enough incentive and justification for Panasonic to continue producing arranger keyboards for the foreseeable future. So take heart my friends. Trust me and get ready for the launch of a new flagship keyboard sometime in late 2004 or early 2005 - if not sooner. Panasonic is in the business of making money and their flagship keyboards are money makers.

As for Neil Blake's comment, I, too, received his e-mail and I feel the same as you, Willem. It could well be a marketing ploy. And anyway, even if Panasonic does not produce another arranger keyboard, Neil Blake will have plenty of incentive to continue offering styles, so the absence of a new keyboard is immaterial.

As for me, if a new keyboard is not forthcoming I'll just go out and buy a KN7000 and be happy. Simple!