Has anyone managed to get SD Jukebox to work properly with a 1gig SD card?(creating user playlists etc.), and if so what make of SD card did you use?

I have just had a reply to my SD card query from Panasonic saying (after consulting their factory) that the problem is with my particular card. My card was made by Toshiba (one of the largest manufacturers of SD cards in the world), and Toshiba say their cards (up to and including 2gig) are compatible with Panasonic audio equipment.

As I said before, my card works perfectly with RealOne Jukebox for Panasonic (but this does not provide user playlists, only a master playlist). I know Roger Mepstead has had trouble with a 1gig card and SD Jukebox. Does SD Jukebox work with any brand of 1 or 2gig SD card?



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