What I am hoping to find out from this is,

1. Whether any 1gig SD cards work with audio files written by SD Jukebox.

2. If there are any, which ones definately work and which ones don't.

So far it looks like Rog's Traveler is the only definate brand that works, and his Kingston and my Dane-Elect (Toshiba) cards don't work (although mine works via RealOne Jukebox).

I just thought it might save a good deal of wasted time and money if there was a list of 1 gig (and maybe even 2gig) SD card brands that do or don't work properly with SD Jukebox.

Panasonic say their cards will work, but I have read reports on the web where people have had problems with Panasonic cards and SD Jukebox when used with Panasonic prortable audio products, so I am not convinced.