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Also just seen this -
150X 8GB OEM SAMSUNG SECURE DIGITAL SD CARD 8 GB G NEW for 30 + 6 postage (from America) on ebay. Would LOVE to know if it would work!

No. The KN was designed before the days of usb2 when sd specification 1.0 was in force. This limited size to 1GB due to address block issues. 2GB became possible in specification 1.1 with larger address blocks but older devices cannot be guaranteed to work with 2GB luck is involved. Likewise 4GB SD is beyond specification and really a hack thus pure luck if it works with your existing hardware. 4GB SDHC is guaranteed with all compatible hardware. The new SDHC specification takes sizes beyond 2GB up to 32GB but needs new hardware to work.

The issue of 1GB cards not working for audio is purely one of not fully meeting specification maybe because manufacturers have not signed up and paid the full royalties to obtain the spec etc or putting cheap cells into sd outline packages in the Far East etc. Reputable brands like Sandisk 'should' work for audio but it is not worth buying the latest high speed cards. Technics and midi files are never really a problem with all but the most rubbish cards - but then you don't need a GB for them