Wow, it has been a long time since I read a post buy Audrey Turner. During the Technics I read your every post. I totally agree with, and understand, your feelings about the Kn7000. I had two Kn7000 left to me when they passed – and bought two more. I sold them all in search of a keyboard that would do a better job.

I had a Pa4x, S975, and now a Pa1000; all great keyboards, but I miss not having that something that the Kn7000 has.
A few months ago, Roger Bellottti sold me his Kn7000. After using it for two weeks the keys stopped sending information. I connect another keyboard to the Kn7 using midi, everything was working. I am not going to give up, it will be repaired somehow.

Roger offered to return the money I gave him; the man is precious.
Good to hear from you, John C.