There's a Kn7000 in My House

Posted by: bruno123

There's a Kn7000 in My House - 02/12/19 03:57 AM

There’s a Technics Kn7000 in my house. I am still amazed at this keyboard; it’s so friendly, and it sounds so good. How the keyboard got into my house is a heart warning story about Roger Bellotti and myself; I will post the story at a later time.

Getting started is going to be a challenge, I’ve forgotten so much. If you have any of my old work, I would appreciate sending to me.

Why did I sell my Pa4x? When you become a senior there so many things you can no longer do. What we are left with is our precious memories; they fill a good part of our day. So instead of reaching for a Genos I bought a Kn7000 so I can visit some of those memories.
Last night when I looked at my Kn7000 I had a big smile on my face.

Life is so good, John C.
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Re: There's a Kn7000 in My House - 02/16/19 05:49 PM

My Kn7000 story in short form:
I found one last year, RC (Roger) posted one For Sale.
1-I called a few weeks ago he still had it.
2-He said he was driving his motorhome to Florida, and I committed he will bring it. I said yes.
3-A few days before he was to arrive I was having some health problems. Roger was a bit annoyed that I had not called. I was supposed to drive to the Cape Coral, 254 miles round trip. I was in no condition to make that trip.
4-I told him that I could not keep my commitment, and why. His answered; ‘I don’t blame you John, at your age I wouldn’t do it”. I’ll drive it over.
5-He not only bought it to my house – he then set it up, plugger it in – and then he brought in two boxes filled with goodies. I valued them to be about $600. AND, the Kn7000 was in fantastic condition. RC (Roger) he is a giver, he was out to bless the people he was dealing with.
Roger has to be one of the nicest people that I have met. We had lunch together and talked about the old Technics times we had.
I got a keyboard, boxes of goodies, and got make a new friend.

Nigel, this is another way that SynthZone blesses people, thank you.
John C.
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Re: There's a Kn7000 in My House - 03/01/19 05:43 PM

John, don't forget what goes around comes around. I believe you like others on this forum have given many help and advise, plus views from your experiences that have blessed us as well.
Hope you enjoy better health and more music fun.

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Re: There's a Kn7000 in My House - 03/10/19 05:01 PM

Allen, thank you, just thank you, John C.

PS, there is no keyboard made that can take away my joy. Hey, I’m 88 and I got up this morning
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Re: There's a Kn7000 in My House - 06/05/19 04:12 PM

Hello to All,

I too have a KN7 in my home and would not part with it for any amount of money as to me it is priceless and despite all the modern technology, the sound it produces is far more realistic than any of the modern keyboards including the Genos, which I thought was good when I was first introduced to it. However, I have many floppies and SD cards which I would like to play on my Tyros 5 and although a friend of mine converted a few KN7 styles to a USB stick (which plays perfectly on the T5) the sound isn't the same. However I do like being able to use the more'realistic' KN7 styles albeit they sound exactly like the T5 ...obviously.

Any ideas anyone?

Audrey Turner
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Re: There's a Kn7000 in My House - 06/06/19 05:30 AM

Wow, it has been a long time since I read a post buy Audrey Turner. During the Technics I read your every post. I totally agree with, and understand, your feelings about the Kn7000. I had two Kn7000 left to me when they passed – and bought two more. I sold them all in search of a keyboard that would do a better job.

I had a Pa4x, S975, and now a Pa1000; all great keyboards, but I miss not having that something that the Kn7000 has.
A few months ago, Roger Bellottti sold me his Kn7000. After using it for two weeks the keys stopped sending information. I connect another keyboard to the Kn7 using midi, everything was working. I am not going to give up, it will be repaired somehow.

Roger offered to return the money I gave him; the man is precious.
Good to hear from you, John C.