My Kn7000 story in short form:
I found one last year, RC (Roger) posted one For Sale.
1-I called a few weeks ago he still had it.
2-He said he was driving his motorhome to Florida, and I committed he will bring it. I said yes.
3-A few days before he was to arrive I was having some health problems. Roger was a bit annoyed that I had not called. I was supposed to drive to the Cape Coral, 254 miles round trip. I was in no condition to make that trip.
4-I told him that I could not keep my commitment, and why. His answered; ‘I don’t blame you John, at your age I wouldn’t do it”. I’ll drive it over.
5-He not only bought it to my house – he then set it up, plugger it in – and then he brought in two boxes filled with goodies. I valued them to be about $600. AND, the Kn7000 was in fantastic condition. RC (Roger) he is a giver, he was out to bless the people he was dealing with.
Roger has to be one of the nicest people that I have met. We had lunch together and talked about the old Technics times we had.
I got a keyboard, boxes of goodies, and got make a new friend.

Nigel, this is another way that SynthZone blesses people, thank you.
John C.