A list of the specs is over on the SoundCloud page but some standouts would be:

[] 96kHz audio processing with 32x oversampled oscillators so aliasing is all but nonexistent. Ten oscillators are available per voice (20 in dual mode).
[] No loss of polyphony when you add hypersaw, effects etc (in stark comparison to Virus, even the TI2 where I found getting much over 16-18 note poly was a struggle with the sort of sounds I liked). With the single exception of dual mode (2 voices per note) Valkyrie is always 128 note poly regardless of settings.
[] 4096 looped wavetables (vs. 64 on Virus), 32x oversampled
[] A UAC2 USB 2.0 implementation with 8 stereo 96k/24bit streams to your DAW

I hope to have some demos to back the specs up very soon, development only finished a couple of weeks back.

If there are any features missing that anyone thinks are a 'must have' I'm happy to consider them. I will be adding 4-pole filters in a future update.

Best regards