Hey folks,

Just a quick intro - my first post here on SynthZone !

I'm Manuel, based in the UK. I've been working with a few guys for the last couple of years and have built what we think is a pretty exciting new hardware synth and we're looking to get it out there very soon.

It's a VA synth, but unlike pretty much all the VAs out there, it's not based on DSP chips. We looked at that as a tech to build on but it simply doesn't deliver the performance needed to build a synth with the power and quality users expect these days. For that reason, we built the synth using a completely custom design in a large FPGA (gate array). With that under the hood, Valkyrie has some pretty serious audio horsepower.

There's a few demos (mostly sound quality checks) along with a picture of the actual synth over on SoundCloud (https://soundcloud.com/exodusdigital). There's some specs there too. I'll be posting some much more interesting demos soon now that a number of synths have been built.

Anyway, any feedback is welcome - development is complete but there is definitely potential to make some tweaks if folks have any ideas or comments to make.

If there's any folks in southern UK who'd be up for some demo songs or patch programming, let me know !

Best regards