many thanks again!

Maybe I should download a pc-sequencer to my laptop... I still haven`t done it, because I`m just expanded my midi equipment (from electric guitar plus Behringer Vamp2 to guitar + vamp2 + Behringer midi foot controller fcb-1010 + kn2600)and I`ve had some controlling & settings to do..

A laptop-sequencer would probably give me more information about kn2600`s incoming data, if it works like Rikki just wrote. Since I`m some sort of novice with sequencers (like keyboards too) I have to wait & see. Could anyone recommend me a decent, free and downloadable pc-sequencer?

What comes to my gear,if someone is interested, I have
Vamp2 connected(midi in) to fcb(midi out)and
Vamp2(midi out) to kn2600(midi in) and
fcb(midi in) to kn2600(midi out) and
kn2600 connected to laptop with USB-cable

! Foot controller has to be set for midi merge before this works.

Vamp2 and fcb both have midi in/out, but not usb-connection like kn2600. I can use kn`s connection to laptop, if I pick "interface" from computer connections-table. Now, with this settings, I can use vamp2`s pc-program, to better results, since it has more settings than vamp2 alone. This setting allows me to use foot controller to control Vamp2 too.

Controlling kn2600, in the other hand, won`t work with this settings i guess. I probably need midibox, like Midiman 2(in) x 4(out), to control all these together. I haven`t tried it much thou, if anyone has ideas, let me know!

So far I`ve done my kn2600 controllings separately connecting fcb`s & kn2600`s midi in/out`s together. Besides USB-use there`s no other use for setting Vamp2 (Behringer`s virtual amplification & effects unit)and kn2600 together, or is there?