sorry can't help you on this. Those codes are beyond me.

What I used to do years back, when midi first was introduced ( as I'm not terribly technical) was to use a p.c. sequencer that had event list ( I had notator on my atari)
P.G.'s power tracks has event list( there's a demo on there site)

Anyway, I used to hook the keyboard or synth up via midi and press a button, then check the sequencer to see what effect it had ie used to show up program changes, bank changes, contrllers like volume, expression pan etc, on my roland I think it used to show up the fills intro's etc

Haven't experimented for years, it may work with your kn26, as I mentioned earlier there is a demo for powertracks that you can download if you don't have a p.c. sequencer.

Hopefully someone else may have an easier solution.

best wishes
best wishes
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