some questions about my new 2600:

1. "extra shhhhh"-noise comes from the speakers that disturbs me a bit. Is it normal or something that I should be worried about? Kn2600 users, comment...

When using headphones, its a little pain in ass. And I usually use kn2600 "silent"!!
Noise is about the same, no matter how much master volume I use.

2. Does someone control kn2600 with controller, like mine Behringer fcb1010 ? I`ve managed to set some basic CC`s, but I have some problems with setting other values like for start/stop, fill i/o, pads etc. These can be controlled also, or? I really can`t understard that Technics 3f0507rf078-language... and I couldn`t find any midicodes other than that for these. Thanks already!